DeferPanic BuildPacks


Buildpacks are special build constraints you can put in your dp.yml that tells us about your project in more detail.

It can tell us things like the specific compiler to use, the specific version of a framework to use, specific libraries to use and has special build instructions as well. This is all done automatically for you with a one line setting.

"Rails" is our first buildpack, however we'll have multiple packs here shortly.

Name: Rails

Script Line:

  buildpack: rails

Compiler: osv
Ruby Version: 2.2.4
Rails Version: 4.1.7
libsqlite libcrypto libcrypt libdb libffi libgdbm libgmp libncursesw libreadline libruby libssl libutil libyaml libz

We plan on hosting several different buildpacks depending on language/framework/version/etc.

Have a special request? Want it down now? Contact us at 888-PANIC-83 or email us at to get it now.