DeferPanic IaaS API DocumentationVersion: 0.1 –

BETAGet the Official DeferPanic IaaS Client hereAuthorizationSet header DP-APIToken with API token for each requestImagesImages are immutable virtual machines that you can spin up in a
project.Create new image
URL: /v0.1/image/new
Method: POST
Content type: application/json
Request:Parameters:——–Name – image name (string)Source – repository URL (string)Language – programming language (string)Script – script executed during image building (string)Addon – addon for prebuilt images (string)Example for building image:Example for prebuilt image:Response:HTTP Codes——–200 – OK. Response contains results400 – Bad request. Wrong data401 – Unauthorized.500 – Internal server errorDisplay all imagesRequest:ResponseHTTP CodesView image making logRequest:Parameters:Name – image name (string)Response:HTTP CodesInstancesInstances are instances of an image.Scale up instanceRequest:Parameters:——–Name – image name (string)Count – number of instance (integer), default 1Force – ignore errors (boolean), default falseExample:Response:HTTP CodesScale down instanceRequest:Parameters:Name – image name (string)Domain – domain name of image instance (string)Force – ignore errors (boolean), default falseExample For signle image instanceResponse:HTTP CodesView Instance LogRequest:Parameters:Domain – domain name of image instance (string)Response:HTTP CodesDisplay all InstancesRequest:Parameters:Name – image name (string)Response:HTTP CodesPause InstanceRequest:Parameters:Domain – domain name of image instance (string)Response:HTTP CodesResume InstanceRequest:Parameters:Domain – domain name of image instance (string)Response:HTTP CodesResourcesResources are images that are common to many people that aren’t
commonly hacked on such as databases.Create New ResourceRequest:Response:HTTP CodesDisplay ResourcesRequest:Response:HTTP CodesBackupsBackups are block device backups of instances and can be restored
at point in time.Save BackupRequest:Response:HTTP CodesRestore backup Request:Response:HTTP CodesShow BackupsRequest:Response:HTTP CodesVolumes
Volumes are block devices that you can attach to instances.
Typically you’ll always have at least one ‘system’ volume which holds
files that give you access to the network, however, you are free to
attach multiple other volumes to help ease deployment and configuration
management or if you need to store large amounts of data (such as in a
database). Unlike other cloud vendors we believe the volume is a fundamentally
different animal for unikernels given that you can’t ssh into a
unikernel. So we enable you to do a variety of operations you might not
expect to be able to do. We also don’t have size limits – you can create
a volume of in the kilobyte range if you need to and it is very common
to do so.
Create VolumeAttach VolumeDetach VolumeRemove VolumeList VolumesCreate VolumeDownload VolumeUpload VolumeSystemShow Available LanguagesRequest:Response:HTTP CodesDisplay all addonsRequest:Response:HTTP CodesShow Available AddonsRequest:Response:HTTP CodesShow StatusRequest:Response:HTTP CodesCall (888) PANIC-83       (888) 726-4283 Copyright © 2017 DeferPanic Inc. All rights reserved.DeferPanicDeveloperServicesMarketsCompanyResourcesUnikernels