DeferPanic Unikernel Products

  • DeferPanic Unikernel Platform
  • The DeferPanic Unikernel Platform is the only fully managed production ready unikernel platform in existence today. Built by the maverick hackers that live and breathe 2020 cloud it's explicitly designed to prevent hackers from running shell code exploits on your most important systems.

  • Unikernel Database
  • Recent events like the Equifax breach have CIOs and CISOs asking themselves - is our database safe? What happens if someone hacks our database? Unikernel databases prevent attackers from running shell code exploits on important databases.

    Think your Digital Guardian or ForcePoint solution is going to save your hide from getting *fired* when a fourteen your old wants to make a point? DLP is for the birds. Get real protection - get some unikernels.

  • Unikernel Firewall
  • Firewalls like Fortinet and Palo Alto Networks suffer from the same security problems as Linux. They are explicitly designed to run multiple programs at once that were *not* intended to run.

    Try a real firewall - one that doesn't run hacker code.

Introducing the future cloud.

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