DeferPanic Unikernel Services

  • Unikernel Managed Services
  • Want to use unikernels but don't want the pain of managing an in-house infrastructure program? DeferPanic offers the only in-production-use unikernel platform today. We run our own handpicked hardware in our own fully managed datacenters and we run the latest DeferPanic Unikernel Platform - you can't get it anywhere else.

  • Unikernel App Development
  • Want to run start your next application off right? With the right security? With the right budget? With the right platform? You need our unikernel application development services. It's one of a kind. You'll be working with the unikernel experts that know the ecosystem through and through.

  • Unikernel Migration
  • Have a legacy app that you want to run as a unikernel? You are talking the the company that can do it. We're here to help port it over no matter what it takes.

    Give yourself peace of mind - give yourself unikernels.

Introducing the future cloud.

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