Why Use DeferPanic?

  • Number One in Compiler Support
  • We support all the popular unikernel compilers out there and have deep knowledge of how they all work. We can recommend which one to use for your particular project and how to use it correctly.

  • Number One in Language Support
  • Half of the unikernel compilers out there are language specific. This is by design. However, we've integrated with many of the different compilers so that we can provide an un-paralled ecosystem of language choice.

  • Only Provider with CI/CD
  • We auto-compile the most popular unikernels for you and we do it with github webhooks too. That means you don't have to click the 'submit' button. No other unikernel platform does this because they simply can't.

  • Only Provider with Built-in APM
  • A popular meme awhile ago was that unikernels were entirely un-debuggable. I think we've proven this wrong more than once with our built-in unikernel Application Monitoring. No one else comes remotely close to providing this level of application monitoring for production unikernels.

  • Only Unikernel Infrastructure Provider
  • Legacy infrastructure providers were built to service 40+ year old operating systems. We are the *only* unikernel built infrastructure provider so we have specifically designed our systems to service unikernel developers.

Introducing the future cloud.

Contact us at 888-PANIC-83 or email us at sales@deferpanic.com.


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