Why Not AWS?

  • Instance Limits
  • Without getting a quote increase limit by default you are limited to 20 t2.nano instances on AWS. This is insane if you want a full on unikernel environment and take advantage of their small size.

  • Minimum Volume Size
  • Both AWS and Google Cloud have minimum 1Gb volume sizes. This is a huge problem especially for compiled language unikernels as everytime you hit the deploy button you have to push a 1Gb image back up the pipe. It doesn't matter if you are using sparse files. DeferPanic has *no* volume limits and makes it trivial to attach/de-tach volumes on the fly that enable unikernel workflows such as the volume deploy flow for interpreted languages and the volume CFM flow.

  • Price
  • Paying by the hour is something that is simply un-acceptable in the unikernel world - not when you might want to have truly elastic services. Since running a hypervisor on top of a hypervisor isn't a great option you have to resort to spinning up extra instances which is costly - even a t2.nano costs ~ $5/month per host. Now multiply that by the number of instances you are spinning up/down and you have a real problem on your hands.

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