Why Use Unikernels?

  • fast
  • When you have a system that has little to no system calls, no context switching and direct hardware access coupled with ridiculously fast boot times you will be the envy of the datacenter.

  • secure
  • No forking, no users, no shells, only one process - this immediately puts an end to most security attacks in existence.

  • increase server density
  • Many people have heard of booting 1000 VMs on one commodity server but current virtualization software can go over 100,000 VMs.

  • eliminate devops
  • Devops is expensive. Not having to manage systems dramatically reduces this cost and let's you focus on what you are good at. It's not uncommon for a devops engineer in San Francisco to cost $140k-$160k base. After you've hired 5 of these people you'll understand how much money is at stake here.

  • reduce AWS bill by using less resources
  • AWS, Google Cloud, and other existing cloud infrastructure products were built to service operating systems designed over 40 years ago. Today's cloud is fundamentally different from the PDP-7/PDP11s Unix was designed for. As a 'best practice' ops provisions VMs that are heavily under-utilized only because they don't have anything better - until now.

Introducing the future cloud.

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