The Enterprise Services Unikernel Company

DeferPanic is the only production ready, fully managed unikernel platform in the industry today.

We save companies money on infrastructure and ops cost while at the same time taking real proactive security measures to limit attacks.

DeferPanic was the first company to produce a Go unikernel and the first company to offer a fully integrated unikernel platform.

DeferPanic offers managed services for both public and private cloud environments and it's platform targets KVM, Xen, bare metal, and ESX.

In addition to the industry's leading Unikernel Platform, DeferPanic offers training, service integration, custom development and other unikernel services.

Ready for the future cloud? Contact us at 888-PANIC-83 or email us at sales@deferpanic.com.


The company is privately held and headquarted in San Francisco, CA.